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Established in 2015, Abhay Raj International Pvt. Ltd. is a service oriented company with a team of energetic youth dedicated to provide services and manufacture medical equipments that you need for your hospital, business houses, firms, companies, and home. We are medical equipment manufacturers in India and also provide services, a rare combo, which leaves you with an opportunity to get benefited in either way. Our expertise in technology, manufacturing, services helps our clients, nationally & internationally, to effectively achieve the quality products in numbers. Our specialized team also provides the guidance in exporting & importing the medical gears, equipments, production machines etc to the clients who needs it. As a whole Abhay Raj International is a one stop shop where all your needs can be fulfilled in an effective way.

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High Quality Products

We are committed to maintain and improve the quality of products and services, in order to meet continual customer satisfaction.

Competitive Price

We can provide you products at very cost effective rates and of best quality, We believe that price is a key to sales success.

Delivery in Time

Our continous observation of our customer's demand and supply gap enable us to offer the right products on the right time.

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Production of Medical Machineries

Abhay Raj International do have intensive knowledge of export market and exportable products. We do focus on international market to receive orders and procure goods from the Indian manufacturer.

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