About Us 

Founded in 2015 and based in Lucknow, India,  Abhay Raj International Pvt. Ltd. has been actively involved in providing medical services, manufacturing medical equipments & gears, importing & exporting medial machineries, accessories and others.


We believe in elevating the standards of providing services, manufacturing, importing & exporting medical goods by ensuring superior quality to the need of our client. As a manufacturer, we are guided by our continual commitment and values to achieve the aims and objectives of our clients. You are the heart of everything we do. Our mission as a strategic partner is to provide world-class services consistently to meet and surpass the expectations and to be the leader in serving & manufacturing focusing on our client’s needs.


To be the nation’s most recognized manufacturer, providing the most innovative solutions through service and creating experiences of exceptional quality, combining strategy and efficiency to catalyze the development of the business houses, and surpassing our client’s expectations to bring every medical production from a Vision to a Reality and grow as a preferred solutions provider in the national and international market.